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Rethink Your Allegiances

The picture below is from the AFC Championship Game on January 19, 2020. That is me with Wendey in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot to cheer on the Chiefs. One year earlier, on January 20, 2019, I was also at Arrowhead Stadium for the AFC Championship Game - but I was not in attendance to cheer on the Chiefs. I was there to cheer for the New England Patriots. You see, to be successful with sports gambling, you need to have no favorite teams. You need to have the discretion to wager on one team this week, and then where prudent, to wager AGAINST them the next.

BUT...most people don't bet with their brains. They bet with their hearts. Unless you enjoy having sand kicked in your face repeatedly, you need to abandon your favorite team or teams if you plan on succeeding in this realm. Your wagers need to be based on logic, not on anything else.



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My entire life has been impacted by sports, mostly in good ways, and sometimes in bad ways.   I will share a lot of these experiences in the blog...

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