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behind the posts, Glenn Murphy

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My entire life has been impacted by sports, mostly in good ways, and sometimes in bad ways.   I will share a lot of these experiences in the blog.


My great-grandfather E.R. Jones was a standout athlete at Marion, Illinois high school.  He was a running back on a Marion football team that went undefeated.   He also played minor league baseball.   E.R. had 2 sons, 1 that died as an infant.   The other son was my grandfather Merle, who became a Hall of Fame sportswriter and is probably the single biggest reason I have a passion for sports.   Grandpa Merle took me to countless games and introduced me to several aspects of the world of sports.  


I played basketball and baseball in high school in Herrin, Illinois.   After graduating, I attended the University of Illinois and briefly was a member of the baseball team as a recruited walk-on.   As a pitcher, I recorded the final out of a shutout performance in the 1991 Blue-Orange fall baseball game.   While on the mound that day, my teammate at 3rd base was future 2-time MLB World Series champion Scott Spiezio.   After striking out the final batter, I shook hands with Spiezio and told him that it was great playing with him and that he had a bright future.  Shortly after the game, I told the coach I was no longer going to play baseball.   I told him that while I loved baseball, I simply didn’t have the skills to compete; at least, to the degree I wanted to compete.


I later transferred to Saint Louis University and graduated in May 1995.   Shortly after, I was hired by Alberici Corporation, where I have remained.   Alberici is currently the 30th largest general contractor in the country, as ranked by ENR, and I am a stock holder in the corporation.   As a Senior Project Manager I have overseen large-scale projects in our Automotive Division.   During my time with Alberici, I have had the good fortune to work with and meet several great people, including 2 United States Presidents (George W. Bush and Barack Obama).


While it’s been nearly 30 years since I competed in an official sporting event, I have always maintained a passion for sports and competing.   The difference now is that I compete in the form of legalized sports gambling.   And unlike what I felt were my deficiencies as a player back at the U of I, I feel I can and do compete at the very highest levels of sports gambling.    I hope you will find my blog posts interesting, detailed and informative.   This site is dedicated to sports gambling excellence.