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The Details

"I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch...because that's what LIVING is!" - Any Given Sunday.

My entire professional life has been about paying attention to details. I am a senior project manager and estimator for a large commercial construction company. The construction business can be very rewarding. It also can be very humbling. If you don't pay attention to the details you will pay for it either in lost money, a lost client or even worse, loss of life. Successful construction is also about being able to extrapolate the details. If a client gives you a set of drawings to estimate, you have to able to understand all aspects of those drawings. When you are performing an installation of a robot, you have to know how to properly install the chemical anchoring system around that robot, or over time, it will fail. You also have to know that all markets are not the same. The cost to do a project in Boston or Chicago is much higher than a project in Kansas City.

Successful sports gamblers are no different than successful contractors. Successful bettors know how to take the wealth of information and statistics about teams and players and know how to profit from it. But most people who partake in sports betting either do not know how to extrapolate the data properly or do not even pay attention to the data at all. Successful bettors are also very calculated. Just as a successful contractor would not go after every potential construction job, a successful bettor only focuses on certain games or events. One bettor I know - who puts hundreds of thousands of dollars on games - may go entire football weekend and only wager on ONE game. Some weekends he does not even wager on ANY game.

Bottom Line: Pay attention to details. Be calculated. And if you don't want to do all that, just follow my blog. Tips on sports gambling, Las Vegas and everything else . Welcome to My Life on the Line.


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My entire life has been impacted by sports, mostly in good ways, and sometimes in bad ways.   I will share a lot of these experiences in the blog...

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